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Baby food SVAČINKA with apricots 120g

EAN: 8595139783914
Birth number: 26520060000083

Processed fruit. Fruit pickles - blends, unsweetened. Without added sugar. It contains naturally occurring sugars. Fruit trimming food for children from the completed fourth month of age. Sterilized. 100 g of a product contains 12 g of natural sweeteners. 100 g of fruit have been used for creation of of 100 g of a finished product. Weight of the content 120 g. It does not contain gluten. Best before: the date indicated on the package. Storage in a dry and dark place at the temperature of 0-30 °C. Keep unused amount in a sealed package in the refrigerator; consume the product within 24 hours after opening.

Main raw materials:

Apples (80% wt.), apricots (20% wt.), antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Average nutritional information per 100 g of product

  • energetická hodnota (kJ) 249 kJ
  • energetická hodnota (kcal) 59 kcal
  • tuky 0,1 g
  • z toho nasycené mastné kyseliny 0 g
  • sacharidy 12,9 g
  • z toho cukry 10,7 g
  • bílkoviny 0,4 g
  • sůl 0 g
Baby food SVAČINKA with apricots

Hamánek arises from the finest ingredients under strict supervision

The brand Hamánek which follows the long tradition of trimming foods made in Hamé provides the children with complete and balanced nutrition in the first months of life. Hamánek provides a wide variety of fruit-based trimming foods as well as vegetable or meat-vegetable trimming foods or baby drinks. The brand is very popular among consumers, which makes it belonging to the top products in the Czech market. The ready-made baby food has been created in close collaboration with paediatricians and nutritionists who help to tune each ingredient into a perfect unit offering…

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