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Breath Monitors Donated by Hamé to the Tomas Bata Regional Hospital

The food company Hamé purchased three Babysense II monitors for the Tomas Bata Regional Hospital in Zlín for checking the children´s respiration. These devices will provide the nursing staff with reliable and efficient tools to monitor the respiration of paediatric patients and to prevent the occurrence of "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS". Thanks to the mediation from the Křižovatka (Crossroad) Foundation in total 27 various devices and instruments from Hamé and other companies have been hand out at a solemn event on Monday, the 15th of May, into the hands of Dr. Jozef Macek, the Hospital´s Head Physician.

With our Hamánek brand product we are the largest Czech producer of infant food. During the last years we have donated a few times the respiration monitors, while taking part in long-term cooperation with the Křižovatka Foundation at these sponsorship activities. Despite being a nationwide, and currently even a multinational company, we try to provide help in particular to our region, where there is the core of our production and the largest number of workstaff. We consider the health and safety of children to be our common future and I am glad that we also can contribute to it by providing help to the medical and nursing staff and in such a way averting human tragedies, if such might happen," says Martin Štrupl, the general manager of Hamé.

Together with Hamé also other companies such as: Continental Barum s.r.o., the Alpiq Generation (CZ) s.r.o. power company, Teplárna Otrokovice a.s., Energetika Malenovice a.s., MITAS a.s. and Navláčil construction companies have donated the respiration monitors.

About the Křižovatka Foundation

The Křižovatka Foundation as the only in the Czech Republic and since all the 20 years is existence is actively involved in the promotion of public awareness about SIDS and the possibilities of protection of endangered children at an age of less than one year. Thanks to donors and sponsors the Foundation helps to equip Czech hospitals and maternity hospitals with the Babysense respiration monitors which have passed multi-annual clinical tests and are registered as a medical aid with the Czech Ministry of Health. The respiration monitor is keeping track of prospective breath stoppage, but also sleep apnoea as well as any breath irregularities of the baby, which, if such are identified, are followed with immediate alarm to summon assistance of parents who may provide the child with first aid when necessary.

During its existence the Foundation succeeded to provide the respiration monitors to hospitals and maternity hospitals in a value of more than 25 million Czech crowns.

About the "Mum, I breath"

Project The aim and rationale of the "Mum, I breath" project is to equip the Czech hospitals and their maternity, new-born and the intensive-care units with respiration monitors, allotted to every hospital bed/every new-born child, as well as to lend/hire the respiration monitor to the parents for a period necessarily required after the parents left the maternity hospital with their child.

The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS

The SIDS happens most often within the first six months from the child birth. It happens suddenly and unexpectedly in a seemingly healthy baby, without any previous warning signs, in children who do not demonstrate any health problems, without any warning signals and during the sleep of the child. Therefore the respiration monitor operates as a guardian angel who monitors the breath of the youngest children.