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Forum of People Suffering From Coeliac Disease - the company Hamé shows its gluten-free product assortment

More than one thousand visitors made a visit to the 11th Forum of persons suffering from coeliac disease on 14th May 2016, organized by the Gluten-free Diet Society at the occasion of the International day of sufferers of coeliac disease. Between around forty mostly specialized companies Hamé has presented its constantly expanding portfolio of gluten-free products.

Those incoming, young and old, had the opportunity to taste e.g. the Excellent Quality meat products, the Easy Sandwich fish spreads, the EasyCup finished food in practical package, the brand new Otma barbecue sauces, or extra jellies.

As far as I am concerned, I like the EasyCup finished food and buy this regularly for example when travelling. Our experience has been positive also with the Hamánek brand of infant formulae made from meat and vegetables. It is certainly an advantage to have these products freely available on the ordinary market,“ says Mrs. Jana from Prague, who arrived to the Forum with her small daughter and son.

Currently Hamé has more than 600 various types of prepacked food suitable for use by coeliac people in its portfolio. The number is gradually increasing thanks to the modification of recipes, but also to the modernization and adaptation of technologies in the respective production plants. It refers to canned meat, pies such as the legendary Májka spread, prepared meals, tomato ketchups as well as prepared sauces, which all are labelled with a special gluten-free logo with a blue crossed-out ear.

We are currently about to develop all new products on a gluten-free basis, and in some of the existing products we have adapted the recipes accordingly, to eliminate the gluten and still to keep to the product quality required. For the future we want this coeliac focussed portfolio still broaden since we consider the gluten-free food to be a highly prospective niche," explains Marcela Mitáčková, director of marketing and development at Hamé. For the period of May and June Hamé even started a marketing campaign focussed on gluten-free products.

You may easily look on the preserved gluten-free products from Hamé and buy them at a favourable price in the company e-shop at www.hame-eshop.cz, where the users can also a find a dedicated gluten-free section. The complete range of products suitable for coeliac people can be found at a specific section in the product catalogue at www.hame.cz.

The fact that the Coeliac Forum, as a traditional event, enjoys a widespread public support is evidenced also on the location of this venue, which for the first ever has taken place at the Prague-Letňany exhibition ground, owing to the number of exhibitors and visitors who could no more fit themselves into the premises used in the past. As a part of the associated program the Forum has been used by specialists who lectured on various aspects of coeliac disease.

More detailed information about the venue can be found at www.celiak.cz.