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Hame extends partnership with Biathlon

Hame concluded an agreement with the Czech Biathlon Union and will remain until 2022 the main partner of the Czech biathlon, which it has been already since 2013. Hame has now agreed on the continued partnership for the future also with the Slovak Biathlon Union.

"There was nothing to hesitate over; we want to keep supporting both the Czech and Slovak Biathlon as a major partner in the future. The Czech biathlon has been having excellent sports results for already at least five years and the popularity of this winter sport has also incredibly increased. We agreed relatively quickly even on the conditions for the Biathlon Union going to be even better, comparing to the previous period," said Martin Štrupl, the CEO of Hame. He further noted that this sport is very popular in countries that are important Hame markets. "Also, the Slovak biathlon has raised its results significantly this season and will certainly continue in that trend also thanks to the great local tradition and the enthusiasm of the people there. In recent years, biathlon has become in a way a symbol of active lifestyle and this modern way corresponds with the current focus of our product range. We want to support active lifestyle and we believe that with our support the Czech and Slovak biathlon will be successful also in the future," Strupl added.

The President of the Czech Biathlon Union Jiri Hamza said to the agreement: "I am glad that a company so well known and important as Hame will continue with us. I do not conceal that we had other offers, but we follow the principle that we want to continue to work with our existing partners. They stood in the booming of the Czech biathlon, so they deserve to be at its achievements. I believe that together with the support of Hame and other partners the Czech biathlon has not told the last word yet and that we will wait to see even more medals, perhaps from the World Cup or the World Championships which will be, as I believe, again hosted by Nove Mesto in the near future," concluded Jiri Hamza, the Czech Biathlon President.