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Hame three times successful in Czech and Children Contest for the Tastiest Food

What are the tastiest foods produced in the Czech Republic? This has been decided nine times already in the Czech Tastiest contest and its junior branch – Children’s Tastiest, the awarding ceremony of which was held under the auspices of the Senate Chairman Milena Stech and the minister of agriculture Marian Jurecka in the building of the Senate of the Czech Republic Parliament.

A few larger companies appeared among the multitude of smaller firms from the bakery, confectionery and butcher industry. The food company Hame succeeded twice in the taste preferences of children evaluators: with the children's multi-packaging Majka for Sweethearts (Májka pro zlatíčka), and also with a fruity snack Easy Fruit Exotic Party. The expert jury of the Czech Tastiest contest awarded yet another Hame product - Apetit brand chilled ready meal - Beef with tomato sauce and dumplings.

"If children choose our products directly, it's a great news for us, because those are ultimately intended for them. And we are, of course, pleased to have been able to withstand the competition of various family companies that produce in much smaller quantities. It gives us proof that even in the quantities in which we produce we can maintain perfect quality. As far as I know, some jurors were even heard to say during the evaluation, that even their mom did not cook such a tomato sauce," said Martin Štrupl, Hame‘s CEO, after the results were announced.

The Czech Tastiest Mark 2017 was thus newly assigned to 147 products and the Children's Tastiest 2017 another 28. At the presentation ceremony the awards were taken over by representatives of 74 Czech companies. "We consider organizing such a competition a great idea. It shows that the Czech manufacturers offer their customers high-quality foods," Martin Strupl added.

Only those Czech producers who supply food to the Czech market were allowed to register to the contest. To succeed, their products had to have especially high taste parameters and quality, and for example design was evaluated, too.

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New Majka for Sweethearts

Majka for Sweethearts (Majka pro zlaticka) is the original children's “Majka" which, following a legislative change, cannot have its original name. In a special multipack of the famous spread there is a foursome of children spreads with no added flavours or colourings and with reduced salt content. The spread is also a source of iron and a free of gluten, so it is suitable for those suffering from Coeliac disease. Available in retail stores or easily and quickly on www.hame-eshop.cz.

Fruit snack EasyFruit Exotic Party

Fruit snack with 100% fruit share and vitamin C in a practical package. This is Easy Fruit Exotic Party, a novelty by Hame with banana and mango. It is free of gluten and preservatives, and there is on added sugar, which makes it suitable even for children of five months. It is good as an ideal healthy snack to school - meeting the new "dainty" decree, and suitable for travelling or for adults to work. Available in retail stores or easily and quickly on www.hame-eshop.cz.