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Information on the processing of personal data by means of cookies and terms of use

Rules on using web pages

1. Rules on using web pages

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Information contained on the internet pages are used solely as the general overview of the objects of interest and are designed for personal requirements of the web visitors who are fully responsible for their use.

Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko a.s. is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, material, and time correctness of information contained on the pages and on other pages available via Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko a.s. website. For actual information contact Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko a.s. via e-mail: privacy@orkla.cz.

Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko a.s. does not guarantee the connection possibilities and prefect running of the pages and also does not guarantee direct or indirect harm (material and non-material) occurred in relation with the use and connection to the pages or as a result of failed connection to the pages or the use of the content.


The Use of Cookie Files and Personal Data

Web pages of Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko a.s. use cookie files and similar technologies which save information in your computer, mobile telephone, and tablet. They are commonly saved in the device browser. Cookie files are used for enabling the visitors to access various functions on our web pages, to differentiate the users individually, and analyze the performance of our web pages, and to use the interest focused advertising campaign for the users. This is largely based on the use of personal identifiable information from our users – as specified below – and helps us improve our web pages and make digital communication accessible for our users.

The visitors of our pages can voluntarily decide to use the cookie files by means of the browser or device setting.  The setting of our browser enables to adjust the preferences of cookie files to download. You can also remove all existing cookie files saved in the browser or the device.  We highlight that if you block the cookie files in our browser or the device, it can result in the drop of performance and deterioration of function of our web pages (and others).

The purpose of cookie files on this web page

Our web pages use cookie files we place or third parties place for the purposes below:

  • Analysis: We use cookie files to count individual visitors on our web pages and process statistics related to the operation and function of our web pages.  Software we use saves information on the number of display of individual pages and information on geographic position, devices, operation system, and browsers.
  • Login services: If the web page provides the option of login services, we save an identification number and time in your login in cookie files in your browser or a device. This enables the opening of pages without having to login again.
  • Interest focused advertising online: You can se Vitany advert on other web pages due to the cookie files placed on your browser or device.  The information is mostly based on unsearched content, user related information, and geographic position.  This method enables to identify your interests and adjust the advertising. It includes remarketing technology which is a product supplied by external suppliers such as Google or Facebook.
  • Pair profiles: During the creation of pair profiles, use the data on the acting received from our web pages.  Based on the received information on one group of users, we present such users with new segments with similar interests and acting, such as the original group of users.

Contact – Gaining access

Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko a.s. is an administrator of your personal data and is responsible for your processing.

If you want to gain access, extract, adjust, and delete personal data we received about you, please send an email report to address privacy@orkla.cz You can also raise questions, require limitation, or take your consent back.  We want to inform you that if you are dissatisfied with our personal data processing, you can file a complaint at the Personal Data Protection Office.