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About Hamé

Hamé Kunovice - Czech republicHAMÉ s.r.o. is one of the leading Czech food manufacturing companies producing durable and chilled products.

The company headquarter is located in Kunovice Czech republic. Main activities include meat processing, production of tomato sauces and canned fruits and vegetables. 

HAMÉ s.r.o. offers the widest variety of pate, ready made foods, canned meat, pickled vegetables, vegetable salads, ketchups, sauces, marmalades, jams, stewed fruit, syrups, baby foods and sandwiches. Other products include number of chilled meat, vegetable a fruit products.

Product Names

HAMÉ s.r.o. offers the following products and trade names – Hamé and premium brand Otma, Veselá pastýřka (Laughing Shepherdess), Znojmia, Hamánek and Bapa. Everybody who is seeking quality, traditional and new tastes including absolutely perfect food at favourable prices will find something for their taste.

Charity Work and Social Programme

Hamé company is also involved in the field of support for charitable and social programmes, cultural projects and also in the area of sport sponsoring (biathlon). Hamé also collaborates with a great number of orphanages and child sheltering facilities all over the Czech Republic, where they offer various activities during the whole year and help the children enjoy their school vacation, Christmas and Easter holidays. The kids are always looking forward to the popular red cuddly bears, books, colouring books and also many Hamé products and number of other bits and pieces.

When purchasing any Hamé product, you are not only pleasing yourself, but also giving support for those that cannot survive without the help of our society.